SUMARPO Triathlon Wetsuit N-Joy مردانه کامل بدن Yamamoto SCS Neoprene Ironman Dry Suits for Open Water Swimming GM

SUMARPO Triathlon Wetsuit N-Joy Men's Full Body Yamamoto SCS Neoprene Ironman Dry Suits for Open Water Swimming

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قیمت 229.281 دلار ۷,۱۰۷,۷۱۱ تومان

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مشخصات فنی

Material Neoprene
Colour Black
Item thickness 3 Millimeters
Sport Triathlon

درباره کالا

Extra Buoyancy: 1.5mm/3mm Yamamoto neoprene generates graduated thickness panels for a extra buoyancy
Unique GSP system improves your grip in the water, and increases the efficiency of your arm strokes; Yamamoto SCS 38 coating with low resistance(0.32〜0.025 cdf) ,which micelle structure reduces the surface resistance and germinates a faster speed through the water.
Excellent Flexibility:N-JOY maintains arm movements efficiency and necessary comfort: 1.5mm Yamamoto SCS 38 panels with the 520% highly flexible SQ-flex inner liner in the arms and shoulders, making you swimming without limitation
Better Fit:Folded Yamamoto SCS 38 low collar design further enhances comfort, it minimizes skin friction; The inverted U-shaped leg cuff design goes hand in hand 1.5mm SCS 38 V-shaped piece, which increases the elastic space of the leg cuff, gives extra easiness to the donning.
100% Satifaction Guarantee: when you try the wetsuit, please first read the wearing instructions to avoid damage caused by improper wearing. If any problems, keep the wetsuit in original condition and all the accessories in box, you will enjoy 30 days unconditional refund, 24 hours customer service.

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