Cute Fox-shaped 17-Key Kalimba Piano Acrylic Material with Carry Bag Musical Note Stickers Tuning Cleaning Cloth Music Book

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Package Dimensions ‎21.5 x 16.5 x 7 cm; 755 Grams
Manufacturer reference HWCAEI6813BHOUSHOME
Date First Available 8 December 2021

درباره کالا

❤. Thumb piano in cute fox shape, make of high-quality acrylic material, with beautiful appearance and exquisite workmanship.
Comes with a zippered case, convenient to carry the kalimba with you and make wonderful music anywhere; with stickers for helping you to learn and play kalimba easily and quickly.
❀. 17 metal tines adopts international standard C tune design, the corresponding tunes of the metal tines are D6-B5-G5-E5-C5-A4-F4-D4-C4(middle)-E4-G4-B4-D5-F5-A5-C6-E6(from left to right).
Easy play and quick learning, just holding it in your hands and plucking the tines with your thumbs to create clear and melodious sounds; with a mini for convenient tuning.
Suitable for travel entertainment, religious ceremonies, decompression, also can be a great decoration for home, office, studio, etc. An ideal musical gift for friends and families.

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