HOTO NEO Q1 - Smart Food Scale, Kitchen Scale, Food Scales Digital Weight Grams and Oz, Coffee Scale, Kitchen Scale with 0.1g High Precise Sensor, Measures in 4 Units (g/ml/oz/lb:oz), QWCFC001

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قیمت 40.599 دلار ۱,۲۵۸,۵۶۹ تومان

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  • هزینه حمل تا ایران: ۸۰۰,۰۰۰ تومان
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  • هزینه گمرک: ۸۰,۱۴۲ تومان

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مشخصات فنی

Package Dimensions 19.2 x 18.29 x 4.19 cm; 440 Grams
Date First Available 11 June 2021
Manufacturer HOTO
Manufacturer reference 1
Brand HOTO
Material Tempered Glass
Weight limit 3000 Grams

درباره کالا

HIGH PRECISE: HOTO food scale, installed with high-precise weight sensor, is able to display data instantly with precise graduations of 0.1g and the weighing range of the kitchen scale is from 1g up to 3000g that meets a variety of weighing needs in daily life.
ALL-IN-ONE BUTTON DESIGN: The kitchen scale develops new interactive design to combine different functions into one button that is user-friendly. Users can switch between 4 units of weight: g/ml/oz/lb:oz without manual calcalation to satisfy different needs of weighing.
INTEGRATED DESIGN: The weighing datas are showed clearly by the high-resolution LED screen, which is under the clear display tempered glass of scale surface. And the integrated seamless surface of the gram scale is made of food contact materials that is easy to clean.
VARIOUS FUNCTIONS WITH MIJIA APP: By connecting the coffee scale to mobile phone, the instant data can be shared and records in Mi Jia APP and HOTO kitchen scale also acts as an exclusive hand drip assistant, making accurate records of coffee power weight, proportion of water and coffee power and time to brew and extract.
WE CARE ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE: HOTO is a company committed to innovating new lifestyle tools under the philosophy of "Active exploration, enjoyable innovation". Whatsmore, HOTO is always aiming on providing great experience with the premium customer service and the quality of the product. Our laser measure is qualify for 12 months warranty.

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