Portable Electric Rechargeable Wrist Massager, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome/tendonitis/arthritis Wrist Massager With Heated Vibration Wrist Support/hand Pressure Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support Black

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قیمت 102.172 دلار ۳,۱۶۷,۳۳۲ تومان

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  • تخفیف آمازون: -102.172 دلار
  • وزن کالا: نا مشخص
  • هزینه حمل تا ایران: ۵۰۰,۰۰۰ تومان
  • کارمزد: ۳۹۶,۷۷۱ تومان
  • هزینه گمرک: ۳۰۰,۳۸۵ تومان

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Color ‎Black
Brand ‎DXFK.AM
Manufacturer ‎DXFK.AM
Date First Available 26 May 2021

درباره کالا

❤ Warm massage: This massager has a heating function, which helps relieve pain in tired muscles, relieves wrist pain and improves blood circulation. Helps treat arthritis syndrome, wrist edema and swelling.
❤ Portable and easy to operate: no wire operation, this wrist massager is equipped with a dedicated integrated control device, which can be used at any time to add vibration damping and switching function mode, you can use it at will, and low noise, to provide you with quiet and Enjoy the massage experience.
❤ Relax and unwind: This treatment machine soothes the wrist from finger to wrist, allowing you to truly relax any stress and pain. The massager provides deep air pressure kneading, which increases blood flow, achieves perfect circulation and relieves pain, and is the perfect way to relax after a tired day's work.
❤ Suitable for everyone: Suitable for long-term standing people, office workers or people who lack exercise, use a wrist massager while watching TV, reading, working or relaxing in the office. The hook and loop design can be resized so that you may feel sore after using it, but that's how you know the benefits your hands feel.
❤ Hot Vibration massage Technology: 5-speed strength can be adjusted,Suitable for joints, nerves, blood vessels aging, muscle, ligament tension caused by pain.

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